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-How did you know about STUPIN? Can you talk about your experience in participating in the STUPIN program? How is it different from your previous residency?

The information was shared by my friend Qiu Hui. This form is different. The usual residency is to stay in the same area for a long time, which is relatively inflexible. What STUPIN provided is relatively free, flexible, open, and can be more self-controlled. More, because of the geographical relationship, my idea of ​​residency have deepened .
In the past, I created series of works related to fabrics and embroidery. Since 2008, I have often shuttled to different areas, visited local cloth stores and fabrics market to find materials with my friends. Yongle Market my most visited place, and trip to it also includes a U-bike ride to the adjacent Chaoyang Button Street. Because the time for finding materials is relatively short, although I often visit Dadaocheng, I don't have enough time to roam deeply. Through this project, I have more time to explore here during my stay.

-To you, what is residency?

One of the most important elements of residency is the communication with people, the sharing of each other's views. During this project, people interacted frequently with each other. In addition to the usual meetings, STUPIN founder I-Chen carefully arranged visits to other artist studios, the district, and even long-established desserts in traditional markets.
Later, the friends of the artists often gathered on the first floor and met. For example, a friend of the resident artist Chen Ying, took everyone to visit the nearby publishing unit to share information about the publication of art books and exchange of creative ecological information.

-How was your creation (what did you do) during this period? Are there any new plans to develop?

In my previous series, embroidery, cloth, mixed media and old objects were used. (For details: jiarongwu.weebly.com)
The work this time is a completely new series-"Time and Your Pattern". The work is slightly different from previous themes and media.
The reason is because of the information explosion, and most people have to receive and pay attention to too many external sensations. Everyone has the opportunity to use the modern media to convey their own voice, but few people can have a quiet time. There are few opportunities for people to listen quietly about each other's voices, and the underlying voices of their own self.
Writing this is an important thing for me. During my stay, I combined a letter from a friend in 2014 and related question into a questionnaire. Through writing with the participants, I view the psychological consultation as stress relief. Then I set up another period of time again, discussing the information obtained during the recording and reading process. Then, finally, I draw in into a pattern and mount it as a sliced ​​specimen.

During the interview with the participants after writing the questionnaire, the feedback received was quite real. In addition to understanding the external appearance of the interviewees, there was also a deeper discussion.
Among them, artists participated and I also talked about some life experiences outside of sharing creations. These are quite interesting and rare.

<< Time and Your Pattern >>
IG: timeandyourpattern
Website: timeandyourpattern.weebly.com

-What was the most special / unforgettable experience for you during your stay? Does STUPIN affect your creative direction? If so, what is it?

The first day was the exhibition day of the previous resident artists. At the same time, the curator Lin Ping shared a lecture on alternative space and the art village. You can feel the intention of STUPIN in the arts and cultural activities. .
Also, STUPIN provided free admission for Taipei Art Book Fair, we also visited I-Chen's exhibition at the event. He also hosted a series of events at the
C-Labs. The STUPIN platform provides a lot of relevant information to share and help artists in need and find more possibilities.

In the resident space, you will find that each artist has a favorite fixed position. Basically, the bar and small loft areas are my personal preferences.
During the period, the process of creating << Time and Your Pattern >> is private and requires the use of various light sources. With the assistance of Ting-Ting and I-Chen, the most suitable space is displayed in a row. Hank even borrowed the iconic X-ray lamp at the entrance of the first floor to me for free. Thank everyone to help my work be presented in the most completed way. Thank you very much!

-What are your plans for the next (works / residency)?

Artists I met here invited me to have a new group exhibition again.
It will be held from February 7th to February 9th, 2020, at the top floor of TAV: Taipei Artist Village, everyone is welcomed to come and participate.

LIVINIG TIME 2019.10.01 - 2019.12.31