Chen Ying
Walkingbook Library
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knock on table A-PO fired pig liver
Wine honey milk
Summer house floor made of a river
wallpaper Sen-Shin herb
Taiwan beer 18 days brew
Pizza across the street
Yueqin Eternal Summer 2006
Mint Tea Ice Cream

During the period in Walkingbook, I was in a state of anxiety caused by the lack of knowledge. I began to try to integrate my creation into my life. So I first found the library space on the third floor. Several comfortable corners, reading books and resting, only to find a river on the ground after falling several times on the first floor.

Till now, almost all my friends and job opportunities and working partners were resources extended from I entered the TAV STUPIN exhibition at the beginning of 2018. This time, I finally have the opportunity to officially become a member of the STUPIN residency program .
I am a creator without an art school background, and have a social anxiety. I will always remember to meet I-Chen for the first time and was asked who I was. After thinking about the answer of that question for three minutes, I stammered and said what I was doing. The group of people just waited for three minutes like this without any impatience.

Amber, a historically deposited gem, people in the past also used amber for medicine and wine. I accidentally walked to the Amber Museum on the fifth floor of Yuanqi Shopping Center. Amber wine was made by soaking amber granules in vodka, and it tasted woody.
I had a show and a website with the artist Ruth, and she wrote a story that made me encounter amber very often in those months.
The process of choosing a performance location is a challenge for me. In fact, communicating with people here is also a process of expanding my experience. I go to Walkingbook from one day a week to five days a week, from hiding in a corner to play with other artists. I still remember asking the shops and residents near if they could borrow space. I was scared that my smoking hands were shaking and the ice cream fell to the ground, but the result was good. The owner form medicine shop across the street is very nice.

Compound Eye is the first book (unfinished yet) read in the Walkingbook. Coincidentally, I only saw the Theft of a Bicycle before I settled here. This was the first time I read Wu Ming-Yi's work.
Reading about the summer house of Asprand and the Stockholm Library, I suddenly combined the text with the space of the library. The library is indeed a space suitable for reading alone.

In the second-handed book area on the first floor, I saw the concept novel of the Eternal Summer published in 2006. I also have a book but I don’t know who I borrowed it from. I was addicted to gay literature and movies in 2006. Somehow I read books, movies, and music. One of them described the early morning flag-raising meeting in middle school. The rope on the flag-raising pole was entangled in the wind, and the flag could not be lifted up. The band played the flag-raising music several times. The main character Yu Shouheng wrinkled a bit, ran briskly to the flag-raising platform, climbed the flagpole very naturally to untie the rope, and ran back to the team casually.

Before I entered STUPIN, I didn't think I could make friends like I was a student, talk about gossip and then gave birth to another group exhibition.
Thanks Walkingbook for providing us with such a quiet space for everyone to meet and everything to happen.
This experience gave me a great sense of communication with people and about my own work. I began to understand the understatement of Yu Shouheng.

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